Floccatura printing

What’s metalization? It is a printing solution, that is made up of covering a post having a coating of gold, silver, green, and other colors completely. The consequence thus acquired is a coating using a mirror effect, maybe not reproducible with almost any printing solutions. This dispensation takes place throughout machines, which exploit on the non appearance of pressure and the electrostatic force to improve the particles of the metal film on the surface previously covered by a particular paint. The metallization ends after treating the top again by colours that are transparent.

The pride of beauty, the idea of detail, that the obsession of quality” made in Italy” have sold over seas the Indeco skills throughout the universe. From the digital age, their skills made re discover the attractiveness of their artifact to look and touch. The standard of InDeco Serigrafia services and products and services today could be a basic right of their customer, a crucial requirement. An easy, simple, and touchable still complex if not codified from the manufacturing process with rigorous processes, which guarantee strict controls. The edition to the UNI EN ISO 2859-1 standards has created the civilization of quality that differentiates InDeco Serigrafia.

Stampa A Caldo prints the best details as full backgrounds with artisan heed and industrial fluidity.In.deco Company is a leader in the print of mascaras, glosses for make-up and pencils. The expert department, capable images develops internally the colors; design to description pubs for its highest quality of each piece of codes, texts and personalized needs, and allow infinite colours and soft shades, films.To obtain new details on Stampa A Caldo kindly look at indecoserigrafia.it/

The active involvement of the customer inside the organization is held up by the internal technical offices. Pictures, graphics, frames, and also clichés are produced inside to make sure the excellent production process and maximum buyer satisfaction.

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